Over Thirty Years of Service

We've been helping people and businesses in the Greater Hartford Area - 15,000 and counting - over the past thirty years. We supply new and used computers, printers, and networking equipment, and can repair anything from broken laptop screens to slow Wi-Fi networks.

We're also members of BBU, IMS, and the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

Email: compatsys@gmail.com
Phone: (860) 290-1240
Our Services

Desktop and Laptop Repair

Computer crashed? Out of hard drive space? Broken screen or keyboards? We service all common desktop and laptop computer issues, most commonly:

  • Recovering from crashes & data restoration
  • Removing viruses, malware, and spyware
  • Cracked laptop screens and broken hardware
  • Hard drive replacements

Home and Business Backups

Backing up means you can go forward, recovering from computer failure in hours instead of days. We can help with setup, restoration, and testing your backups.

  • Hard drive cloning & data copying
  • Automatic data backups
  • Backup restoration
  • Backups to hard drives or memory sticks

Desktop and Laptop Upgrades

Out of hard drive space? Running out of memory? Computer feeling sluggish?

  • Bigger hard drives & secondary hard drives
  • Secondary and external DVD drives
  • Additional memory (great for running multiple apps)
  • Dual side-by-side monitors (also great for multiple apps)

Home Networking

Wi-Fi slow? Need better range? Tired of renting your modem and router?

  • Modem and router upgrades (faster speed & connectivity)
  • Wireless range extenders and access points
  • Faster Wi-Fi cards for desktops & laptops
  • Adding Wi-Fi and networked printers